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  • Bill Miller

Scripture Reflection, July 25, 2021

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

2 Kings 4:42-44 Ephesians 4:1-6 John 6:1-15

Our first reading (2nd Book of Kings) is a foreshadowing of the miracle of the loaves and fishes that we hear proclaimed from John’s Gospel today. In both readings we learn that a little bit of food becomes a lot of food…more than enough to feed a large group of hungry people.

Yet, as wonderful as those miracles are, there is something more going on in today’s passages. For God strives to sustain not just our physical bodies, but our souls as well. God was doing this thousands of years ago, and continues to do so today. Recently, Marilyn and I were the recipients of God’s generosity in this regard.

As you may recall, if you happened to read my bulletin reflection from a few weeks ago, we recently moved into a new home. During that period we were also working feverishly to prepare our former home for sale. Consequently, as we began to unpack in our new home, we were already exhausted! One Saturday morning we received a call from a dear friend. She wanted to come to our new house with some lunch for us. Her reasoning was impeccable, as she said: “Everybody has to eat. I know you are busy and probably tired. The last thing you want to do right now is figure out what you are going to eat for lunch. Let this be my house-warming gift to you!”

We accepted her offer and she arrived at 12:30 with a delicious meal that we all shared together. We had a wonderful time, showed her the house, and she was on her way…an angel of mercy, so to speak - and a bearer of God’s grace! Marilyn and I were refreshed in both body and soul, and ready to once again dive into the unpacking.

As you know, Jesus chose to do some of his most important ministry at meals! Can you recall a few of them? And now, as then, we continue to celebrate many of the most significant occasions in our lives while “breaking bread together”. Meals, especially those where we invite God to the table and show our appreciation for the many gifts we have received, are good for both the body and the soul. That’s some food for thought in the week ahead!

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