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You don’t have to be a catechist in the formal sense of the word in order to enjoy and benefit from this book.  The principles contained herein are important for anyone who wishes to grow in love of God, neighbor and self. Moreover, we each have opportunities every day to model catechetical principles by the way we live our lives. 


There is a wise saying, passed down through the ages:  “You can’t give what you haven’t got!”  In the pages of this book, your are invited to consider some important principles for a holistic, Christ-centered spirituality. In the process, you’ll learn the importance of being passionate and joyful in your faith. You will be given opportunities to reconnect with your own sacred stories and discover how those stories are connected to the greatest story of all.

You will also have a chance to reflect upon your prayer life, and to sample prayer techniques based upon your specific interests and talents. You will discover ways to decrease personal anxiety while increasing the power of faith in your life. And no book on spirituality is complete without a chapter on the topic of forgiveness.


In the final chapter, you will spend some time considering the grace and energy that comes from the spiritual practice of renewing your covenant of love with God each and every day.


"Throughout the book I employ the technique of storytelling to set the topic and the tone for our exploration.  My years of preparation for writing this book have taught me that everyone likes a good story AND that nothing works as well as a good story to illustrate the power of a spiritual principle.  It is my hope and my fervent prayer that you will both enjoy and feel the power of God’s Holy Spirit in each of the stories.  One of my favorite bishops, Bishop Robert Morneau of the Diocese of Green Bay, Wisconsin, is fond of saying:  “Every good story is about conversion!”  May these stories, all that they contain and all that they inspire, serve as blessings for your life…opportunities for growth and for conversion…while you strive to find your spiritual direction!"

-William B. Miller, Author


Being in a truly loving relationship is one of the most satisfying experiences of a lifetime.  And no relationship is as important or as potentially satisfying as the relationship we cultivate together with our Lord. 


Ministry leaders across the country describe a bit of what is in the book.

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