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  • Bill Miller

Scripture Reflection, April 17, 2022, Easter Sunday

Happy Easter! May the joy of the risen Lord fill your soul with gladness today. This is the day to celebrate - like no other day in our liturgical calendar. Today we commemorate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, his eternal life, and the eternal life of happiness he promises to all who believe in him. Today marks the pinnacle of our Christian faith. Even Christmas, with its pageantry and beauty, is but a precursor to the feast of Easter!

Today I feel like singing…and dancing. If you are a senior citizen like I am, you are probably familiar with a famous rock band from the 1960’s and 70’s known as: Three Dog Night. In one of their most famous songs they sing this refrain: “Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music!” They sing it over and over again, until it becomes a chant. The melody, the harmony, and the power of the lyrics can be electrifying! Today I want to sing that song, adding two small but very significant words to the end of the refrain, so that it reads: “Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music of God!”

In God’s infinite love and unparalleled power, God has given us a reason beyond all earthly reasons to celebrate. Jesus is alive and well, and he beckons us to live our lives here on earth with faith, hope and love…so that we may reside with him for all eternity in the absolute bliss that is heaven. The hints about what awaits us there are woven throughout today’s readings. Read them carefully for yourself, savor them, and give thanks to God with all the passion your heart can muster. Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music of God!

A blessed and joyous Easter to each and every one of you!

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