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  • Bill Miller

Scripture Reflection, 5th Sunday of Easter, May 7, 2023

Acts of the Apostles 6:1-7 1Peter 2:4-9 John 14:1-12

It's a simple question: What would Jesus do? And yet it is the question on which our whole moral life hangs.

Every day, countless times, we are faced with a choice. Do I "win"a discussion at work by belittling my colleague? Do I watch the evening news with a bias to have my prejudices confirmed? Do I expect to be preferred because of my color or gender or social status? Do I allow an injustice to go unchallenged?

Today's gospel gives us a portion of Jesus words to his disciples at the last supper.’ I am the way’, he says. "Whoever believes in me will do the works that I do. “

It is that simple. And it is that hard. To believe that each person we encounter is a child of God and to act that way.

Jesus tells us like he told those at the table, "You know the way.“ In most cases, deep in our hearts we know what Jesus would do. Knowing the way is one thing; Walking the way… That is the struggle.

Living the gospel

Our evening prayer is an excellent time to review our day with an eye to today's gospel. It can be helpful to walk through our day mentally and review the choices we've made. What would Jesus have done? What did we do? Is there cause for celebration because we made the same choice he would have? Or is there a reason to regret our choice, to learn from it and to commit to doing better?

by: Pat Schnee

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