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  • Bill Miller

Poetry by Marge Blenkush

When Ruah Speaks

Wind, blow where You will.

You are the silent music

That makes the leaves dance

And the bare branches move

To the rhythm of Your soul.

Spirit, blow where You will.

You have moved my heart.

Emotions long forgotten

Move toward the surface

And dampen my cheeks with tears.

Wind, blow where You will.

Only the brave dare to feel

Your raw power against their face.

You bring the news of the changing season;

Take heed and look for cover.

Spirit, blow where You will.

You renew my flagging soul.

You fan the embers

of a heart long spent.

My spirit responds to your Touch.

Wind, blow where you will.

Spirit, blow where you will

And leave behind the promise

“All will be well. All will be well.”

Life continues as it should.

Marge Blenkush, OblSB

Written on a November evening in the Hermitage

St. Benedict’s Monastery

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